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ShaderX5 - Advanced Rendering Techniques

Section 1 – Geometry Manipulation (Wolfgang Engel)
1.1 Smoothed N-Patches by Holger Gruen
1.2 Micro-beveled Edges by Homam Bahnassi and Wessam Bahnassi
1.3 Dynamic Wrinkle Patterns and Hatching on Animated Meshes by Jörn Loviscach
1.4 Cloth without Cloth by Homam Bahnassi and Wessam Bahnassi 

Section 2 - Rendering Techniques (Kenneth Hurley)
2.1 A Simple Area Light Model for GPUs by Aick in der Au
2.2 Alpha-to-coverage in Depth by Kevin Meyers
2.3 Dynamic Parallax Occlusion Mapping with Soft Shadows by Natalya Tatarchuk
2.4 Pre-Processing of Complex, Static Scenes for Fast Real Time Graphics by Max Dennis Luesebrink and Kurt Pelzer
2.5 Overcoming Deferred Shading Drawbacks by Frank Puig Placeres
2.6 Normal Mapping without Pre-Computed Tangents by Christian Schueler
2.7 Animating Vegetation Using GPU Programs by Ali Botorabi
2.8 ZT-Buffer Algorithm by David Pangerl 

Section 3 - Image Space (Natalya Tatarchuk)
3.1 Real-Time Depth-of-Field Implemented with a Post-Processing only Technique by David Gilham
3.2 Selective Supersampling by Emil Persson
3.3 Jump Flooding – An Efficient and Effective Communication on GPU by Guodong Rong and Tiow-Seng Tan 

Section 4 - Shadows (Tom Forsyth)
4.1 Cascaded Shadow Maps by Wolfgang Engel
4.2 Multisampling Extension for Gradient Shadow Maps by Christian Schueler
4.3 Alias-free Hard Shadows with Geometry Maps by László Szécsi
4.4 Edge Masking and Per-Texel Depth Extent Propagation For Computation Culling During Shadow Mapping by John R. Isidoro
4.5 Queried Virtual Shadow Maps by Markus Giegl and Michael Wimmer
4.6 Real-time Soft Shadows with Shadow Accumulation by László Szirmay-Kalos and Barnabás Aszódi 

Section 5 – Environmental Effects (Matthias Wloka)
5.1 Spherical Billboards for Rendering Volumetric Data by Tamás Umenhoffer, László Szirmay-Kalos, and Gábor Szíjártó
5.2 Per-Pixel Lit, Light Scattering Smoke by Aurelio Reis
5.3 Volumetric Clouds and Mega Particles by Homam Bahnassi and Wessam Bahnassi
5.4 Rendering Multiple Layers of Rain with a Post-Processing Composite Effect by Natalya Tatarchuk
5.5 Animation and Rendering of Underwater God Rays by Stefano Lanza

Section 6 – Global Illumination Effects (Carsten Dachsbacher)
6.1 Irradiance Volumes for Real Time Rendering by Chris Oat
6.2 Indirect Diffuse and Glossy Illumination on the GPU by István Lazányi and László Szirmay-Kalos
6.3 Interactive Refractions and Caustics Using Image-Space Techniques by Chris Wyman
6.4 Splatting of Diffuse and Glossy Indirect Illumination by Carsten Dachsbacher and Marc Stamminger 

Section 7 – Mobile Devices (Kristof Beets)
7.1 OpenGL ES 2.0 Shaders for Mobile Devices by Kristof Beets
7.2 OpenGL ES 2.0 Engine by Dan Ginsburg
7.3 OpenGL ES 2.0 Performance Recommendations for Mobile Devices by Kristof Beets
7.4 Real-time Tile based Texture Synthesis Using Non-rectangular Grids by Georg Kolling
7.5 Cartoon Fire Effects Using OpenGL ES 2.0 by David Minor

Section 8 – 3D Engine Design (Wessam Bahnassi)

8.1 Post-Processing Effects in Design by Aurelio Reis
8.2 Transparent Shader Data-Binding by Dustin Franklin
8.3 Designing Plug-in Shaders with HLSL by Wessam Bahnassi
8.4 Shader System Integration: Nebula2 and 3ds Max by Kim Hyoun Woo 

Section 9 – Beyond Pixels and Triangles (Sebastien St. Laurent)
9.1 Large crowds of autonomous animated characters using fragment shaders and level of detail by Erik Millán, Benjamín Hernández, Isaac Rudomín
9.2 Interactive Image Segmentation Based on GPU Cellular Automata by Frank Nielsen
9.3 Real-time Cellular Texturing by Andrew Griffiths
9.4 Collision Detection Shader Using Cube-Maps by Rahul Sathe

9.5 A GPU Panorama Viewer for Generic Camera Models by Frank Nielsen
9.6 Explicit Early-Z Culling for Efficient Fluid Flow Simulation by Pedro V. Sander, Natalya Tatarchuk and Jason L. Mitchell
9.7 Storing and Accessing Topology on the GPU: A Case Study on Mass-Spring Systems by Carlos A. Dietrich, Joăo L. D. Comba and Luciana P. Nedel
9.8 Implementing High-Quality PRNG on GPU by Wai-Man Pang, Tien-Tsin Wong, Pheng-Ann Heng
9.9 Printf shader for debugging pixel shaders by Alexander Ehrath 

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